Preston 2018

Notes on Preston (2018) Artifact (SEP).pdf.

A detailed introductory investigation into artifacts in philosophy generally. Conceptual reference material.

ephemeral or abstract. Arguably, then, musical performances (Dipert 1993) and belief systems (Hilpinen 1995) are artifacts. Simon Evnine (2016) argues

artifactual event VERY interesting idea

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I'm starting to understand how the Social Text scandal could have happened—often in the humanities, the discipline itself, being done by humans, is an object of its own study, which rapidly leads to recursions that can make it very difficult to remember what it is you're talking about

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Well shit

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Discussions of the metaphysics of artifacts have typically taken place only in broader investigative contexts in which they are not the primary focus of attention. In particular, the metaphysics of ordinary objects has generated a

such as the one which I turned to this article to help me understand

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are real. There is a third option—denying that mind-independence is the touchstone of reality. Thomasson then builds human intentions and their


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