Sterne 2006

Notes on Sterne (2006) MP3.PDF.

academic meaning of artifact?

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specific forms of power and authority’ (1986: 19). He groups the politics of technologies into two main categories: ‘instances in which the invention, design, or arrangement of a speci fic technical device or system becomes a way of settling an issue in the affairs of a political community’, and ‘“inherently political technologies”, man-made systems that appear to require or be strongly compatible with particular kinds of political relationships’ (1986: 22). In Winner’s heuristic, the mp3 partakes of both

distinction unclear; needs elaboration

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perception. The anticipated praxeology of listening encoded in each mp3 emphasizes distraction over attention and exchange over use. If that were

Analyze and elaborate meaning further

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into sound. Sound is a product of perception, not a thing ‘out there’ – the only thing ‘out there’ is vibration, which the body organizes and strati fies into what we call sound (Sterne, 2003). The body shapes vibrations before

The thick vibrational phenomenon—not only voice but sound itself is the product of slicing

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