What is this?

Materially, this is a folder full of Markdown text files and PDFs, created using Obsidian, versioned through GitHub, and connected to a website through Netlify and Peter Yuen's Zola site solution.

Conceptually, this is a chronicle and outline of a string of cross-disciplinary research and thought I have followed for the past 6 months or so, with Eidsheim's proposal of the ontological multiplicity of the voice as an approximate starting point.

Teleologically, this aims to propose a number of more formal projects that might come out of this tangled network of thought.

Realistically, this is a dumping bin for a whole lot of thoughts, created in the hopes that it would help me think them better.

How do I use it?

Any purple text is a link. Almost all will link to other documents within the site. Pages under "Document Notes" in the sidebar and/or with the name format "[name] [year]" are notes on specific texts, of which PDF scans with my highlights and annotations will be linked at the top of each such page. When viewing the PDFs, mouse over a highlight and it will display the annotation if there is one (tested on Firefox and Chrome; Safari users will have to download and view with Reader). Annotations may be attributed to "work" or "underarch" depending on if I wrote them from desktop or laptop.

I'm currently working on implementing embedded to enable viewers to annotate both the PDFs and the pages themselves; stay tuned.

Start with the Rough Timeline to get a sense of linear progression.
Start with Eidsheim 2015 to work non-linearly through the texts (or choose any document from "Document Notes" in the left sidebar).
Start with the Proposals to work backwards.