Rough Timeline

I constructed this timeline using date info from Scattered Notes and the syllabi from Listening to Dance Music and Morgan Luker's Sound Studies class.
Dates over winter break may be less accurate, but I'm pretty sure at least of the order in which I read the books.

Fall 2021

Week of September 6: Read Robinson 2020.

Week of September 20: Read Eidsheim 2019.

Week of October 25: Read Sterne 2012.
Partly read Preston 2018 and Elder 2004 in trying to get a handle on it.

Week of November 15: Read Novak 2013.

Winter 2021-2022

Spring 2022

February 3: Read Gottschild 1997 and Kealiinohomoku 1969.

February 24: Read Wolf Gennaro 2015 and Searcy 2018.

March 1: Read Banes 1987.

Week of March 7: Read Morris 2010, Bruno 2007, Thomasson 2007. Began developing critique of philosophical work previously read.