Scattered Notes


The following are various scraps of notes found among my places (including the notes app and the margins of class notes) where I write down ideas as I have them. Dates are as exact as I can figure.

7 September 2021

the awareness of my own "hungry listening" is something that right now I don't feel like will ever slip completely back into being unnoticed/unmarked/default—at least I will do my best to continue that awareness

23 Nov 2021

Sound is created by the processing of the thick vibrational phenomenon through a sound ontology

Question: What is capable of imposing a sound ontology?

Sound exists solely in the interaction between a given vibrational field and a given audile ontology.

16 December 2021

audile frameworks

is the mp3 a virtuoso? is the playback code?

Marx fundamental virtuosity speech/locution

isn't an mp3 just a score?

the recording is a score for a performance by the virtuoso technologies

The optimal instrumental interface is as close as the vocal apparatus, our primal vibrationally productive apparatus

17 December 2021

Ethnography of autistic people and sensory overload!!

31 December 2021

devised musical performance

bands writing songs? as ex. of above

Investigate what continuum of theater composition vs. improvisation exists

8 January 2022

ouroboros of power among audience composer performer

Scores and recordings perform the same social function!

Process in rock and roll where albums would be pressed from different masters for different countries

17 January 2022

Sound diffracts around things where light doesn't—sound interiorities (!?)

27 February 2022

sign language as dance???

1 March 2022

cyo project about mind mapping the paper??

8 March 2022

Is any wordless theatre dance? Is dance just wordless theatre??

12 March 2022

observer mind that categorizes versus actor mind that responds
(quantum measurement/observation possibly has weird implications here????)

gesture is what happens when semiotics is placed on movement by observer mind

The link between Eldar and Gottschild is the repetition record of gesture; the becoming of a copied kind is playing into the repetition of gesture across time; a gesture repeated is no longer a momentary particular but is now a type which may be repeated, may be transformed

14 March 2022

Pataphysics cannot help us here, my mission is in opposition to its basic ideas

Do words exist mind-independently?

The only reason why we say that a work is being revised is because it continues to be named the same thing
But wait—if works can be performed before they are composed, what differentiates an imperfect token-performance of a work from a performance of an entirely different work?

Non-sonic historical considerations are routinely ignored in period performance practice

Recognizing music theoretical properties is not an aspect of hearing, it is a secondary, enculturated mental process

This isn’t a problem for philosophy, it’s a problem for anthropology. Goddammit.

There is a fundamental inexactitude to performances of dance that performances of music don’t really have, because dance performances consist just in those practices [which are sufficient but not necessary to generate an instance of a musical work—reword?]

A video of a dance fundamentally does NOT have the same relationship to The Dance as a recording of a performance of a piece of music has to The Piece
re: the above: is this true? why?

maybe I should take all this to be a view on how the idea of a musical work functions in Western art music

15 March 2022

Critique the authors

Create the framework for gestural study

naturalizes aspects of language as well!

Dance has granular identity—“the robot” has no set length, only very fuzzy boundaries
Needs to be perceived to acquire identity—because dance is advanced gesture and gesture is semiotic
Is dance inherently semiotic? Is it semiotic in a way that e.g. music isn’t?

Meaning as a tool which is used by art, it is an instrument with an art – perhaps the most key instrument of art –but it is not necessarily an aspect of a given work of art in toto. Asking "what does this work of art mean" is not nearly as useful a question as asking "how does this work of art use meaning?"
I think part of this is because the word "meaning" is kind of overloaded in normal parlance, or maybe it's my view that is overly simplified—what is my view?

22 March 2022

Which reading talked about Swan Lake???

Pre-refutation: it is the language and culture and not anything external to it which is being analyzed; furthermore, we cannot say with certainty that Sámi possessed of all the resources that have made possible any Western body of world-knowledge would arrive at the exact same body of facts as we currently have

That's what's wrong with Dawkinsian objectivism: the idea that there is an unenculturated, objective observing subject, something which is in fact blatantly impossible

24 March 2022

Re-reading Bruno 2007

Dodd's assertion that music-theoretical properties can be part of a sonic identity and thus can be heard directly is definitely noit gonna work, but that points to a problem with sonicism—that hearing is enculturated. Can draw on Robinson 2020 to make that point

Can the claim that hearing is consistent but auditory processing is enculturated be defended? is it coherent? is it even legitimate (can be disproven)? because any attempt to tell what someone hears inevitably involves asking them

where is hearing even located?
do I need to bring Eidsheim to bear on this???

5 April 2022

Ideology of absolute art
Might we say that the mind is for the unmarked?

Resonant somatic response;

7 April 2022

Elder’s model breaks down (?) where the differentiation and objects of study become themselves a subject of anthropology

12 April 2022

Gesture and body language are wholly enculturated, wholly entrained practice

We think of humans as having an agency to break question and disrupt social categories and types which we do not attribute to animals

are the perceptions that Eidsheim's talking about different from the ones O'Callaghan's talking about?

17 Apr 2022

The viewer does not have complete control over the viewing of the dance

Virtuosic labor —> Not every doing of a dance is a dance (?)

Favorite part is the tuning <—> the ballet is at the bows at the end

A music performance inherently binds up the viewer via resonance; what of a dance performance?

Deaf dances and resonance

19 Apr 2022

Can a proper function [include/incorporate/account for/involve] intention? Think about Elder's example of the Indigenous rain dance whose "true" proper function is its benefit to social cohesion; does the extent to which the performers' awareness of this function and intent to bring it about come into play? A problem here is that Elder draws a direct line from animal to human behavior, mating dances to rain dances.

Is part of the problem the ascribing of a singular proper function?

Eidsheim slicing vib event is wavefunction collapse—and language makes that happen